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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Gallant Spirit – the beginning

You will be helpless for many years before you can even articulate that you are helpless. You will merely cry for what it is you want or rather, what it is your meatbody craves, needs or desires. Your awareness will be entirely intertwined with the bio-mechanisms of your meatbody. In fact, you will scarcely be able to contain its regulatory processes: excrement will flow unhindered from your rear, and vomit from your front whenever it suits the necessities of your meatbody. You must live encapsulated in this manner for several years before your freewill – if it can be called so – will have a chance to manifest itself. 

Meanwhile, you will depend on the ministrations – or mercy, as the case may be – of senior meatbodies. If you are lucky, these meatbodies will be She who birthed you  and He who assisted in  your conception. He and She are counterpart meatbodies. They developed from helpless miniature meatbodies such as yours and over the years evolved higher levels of motor, intellectual and communication skills, allowing them to interact with other Hes and Shes in a way that will elude you for some time yet. 

The He-to-She, He-to-He and She-to-She interactions constitutes the pallet of life upon which you will be engaged. HS, HH and SS interactions are differentiated in many respects, but emotion and custom play a central role. Driven primarily by the underlying impulse to generate meatbody progeny, the HS interaction can be complex and at times tumultuous, in general much more so than HH and SS interactions which are not subject to the regenerative impulse – correction: HH and SS interaction can be injected with regenerative impulse, but biological constraints limit such interaction to mere impulse, yielding no progeny, but this is a subject for another time.

The HS interaction, if it coalesces around the regenerative impulse, is not merely functional but depends upon a long term cooperation that can extends up to several decades, wherein one or several miniature meatbodies (a “baby”, so called) is helped to evolve into a senior meatbody who in turn will engage HS relationships to secure progeny of its own. Such is the cycle of life. And such is the cycle of consciousness on this place you have selected for your journey. Earth.

I sketch it simplistically here as not to confuse you with details early on, for this is merely –  as is said in meatbody vernacular – “the tip of the iceberg”.  An iceberg is a large hydro-coagulant whose large buoyant volume is concealed from sight below the surface; only its relatively small tip is apparent to the meatbody eye for consideration. It is a good metaphor for the existence of a meatbody, for a meatbody can experience only the tip of a cognitive iceberg and the rest will never be known to him. E.g. the meatbody field of vision registers only 430 to 770 THz on an electromagnetic spectrum that extends, for practical purposes, ad infinitum. 

However, despite its limitations, you will consider that your experience is perfect and panoramic. You will imagine that there is nothing else in the world to see, touch, smell and feel but that which is within your reach and line of sight. Such is the arrogance of the meatbody. Such are the certainties that enslave him. 

And do not expect wisdom to come with age; on the contrary, these notions are only reinforced as your faculties begin to dwindle over time. The reasoning will be that cognitive fidelity can only deteriorate if its initial state was perfection. I imaging you are probably already starting to think this way, constrained and inarticulate as you are in your miniature meatbody. But just wait until you are eighteen, throbbing with bio-stimulants testosterone and adrenaline your whole life before you and every cell in your meatbody pulsing with the thrill of regeneration.