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Sunday, September 4, 2016

divide and conquer 101

You yourself must never appear anywhere on the stage. You must stay as far away from it as you can. You must only place upon it actors that know the rules of the game. Do not admit any conciliatory voices. One side must always be framed as the victim; the other side as the oppressor. This only works if you install such duality that can never be resolved. Insist on this duality. Never permit the victim-hood of one side and oppressor status of the other to be challenged. It is integral to this method that a black and white duality be installed. Admit no gray area. And do not, under any circumstances, permit the victim side to come to the table admitting some responsibility for its plight. This leads to resolution. This is not what we are looking for. There must be a duality; no responsibility must be taken, ever! Instead, charges must be laid against the oppressor and restitution demanded. And its enforcement must come from the oppressor. That is key. The oppressor must enforce his own curtailment. Once self-enforcement is enacted into law, the duality is consummate and you will have state-sanctioned victim-hood which will ensure (through programs and government schemes) that this status will persist for many generations. This is social lockdown. This is what what we are aiming for.

You can only do the above if you control the debate. To do that you must control the actors on the stage. Make sure these actors are well paid and promised careers. If you have smut on them, all the better. In any case, never permit them to stray from the victim-oppressor duality. When this duality is firmly installed in the mind of the masses you will see that it will engender a culture, and where you have a culture you have a way of life, and way of life - especially if it permits the avoidance of responsibility -  will spread like no kind of propaganda you have ever seen.