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Saturday, March 5, 2016


Trompe, thou speakest on matters thou knowest naught of.

You’re going to tell me what I know and what I don’t know? It doesn’t take special insight or a personal history of deprivation to see that this country is going down the tubes. The government is an elite-run special interest club. Everybody knows it. I don’t take money from these people. And everybody knows that too.  

Thou dost not take their coin, but thou dost build castles for their dwelling. Trompe towers, golf courses and casinos offer naught to the common man.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s called employment. 

Nay, exploitation. 

I’ve hired and fired more people than can fit in this building. Sure, not all of them were happy, but many were and many went on to have good careers, and now they play on my golf courses. That’s life. The hurt feelings of one or the other should not become some kind of barometer by which we gauge the rightness of a situation. And we sure as hell shouldn’t base policy on them. It’s called business. You win some, you lose some.

‘Tis a dismal existence wrought from the metal of business alone. There is more to life than work and remuneration. There is compassion and goodwill, of which it appears thou hast been but poorly endowed.

You’re confusing things. You think that because I don’t like handouts and I’m tough on immigrants that this makes me uncompassionate. Think again. Do you think that hand-outs ever made anyone happy? They never have. They may have made people comfortable for a while, but no one ever feels accomplished and positive from things that are not the fruit of his own labor.

Spake the man born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Says the guys speaking to me in Elizabethan English.  You don’t learn to speak like that in East Baltimore, my friend.

My diction doth not reflect my origins. I am of simple descent.

That’s fine, but then may I say that you sure have done what you can to elevate yourself. And I commend you. The fruit of your labor. You’re the kind of guy I want on my team… that is, if we can do something about your low energy.  

Commendations from thee are neither desired nor appreciated. And membership to thy organization is as loathsome to me as carbuncle soup.

Hey keep my family out of it! Hehe.

Pressing on. Thy obsession with partitions and segregation –

Excuse me, segregation, what segregation? I took 46% of the Hispanic vote in Nevada. As for “partitions”, not a partition, my friend, a WALL.

Should not men be free to seek happiness far and wide, not merely in the nation whence they originate. Man is free.

Sounds good, but it’s a load of you-know-what. By that logic the worst and most depraved should be allowed to relocated to the most prosperous areas so that they may have a chance to be happy. That's how you set up a race to the bottom. You don’t get excellence. You can’t bring in a million people with completely different cultural baggage, most with very little to no formal education, into an advanced society and imagine somehow that this is going to go well. Bring in excellent, civilized people, you will get excellence. Bring in scum, you get scum.

Thou reekest of fascist-pig, Trompe! Thou wouldst see a man perish ere let him enter thy fortified nation state.

I’ll help him succeed in his own country.

A war ravaged country?

I’ll help bring peace to his war ravaged country.

Trompe? A bringer of peace? What hilarity! Buffoon and imbecile have conjoined in thee. Hast thou not seen thy wayward carping on The Apprentice? What bizarre notions spewest thou.

Fact and fiction,  friend. You guys all love mixing those up whenever it suits you. There’s a name for your kind of folk: the Social Justice Warrior, defender of the minority over and above all.

That is the essence of a constitutional republic.

But not the way you guys play it. The way you play it it’s more like selective egalitarianism. Everyone is equal to everyone else, except the people you don’t like, which for some strange reason happens to be your own kind – although even that can be explained if you look at the people funding your operations, but let me not get into that.

Thou speakest deep from the well of a turbid mind.

No, you do. In your little SJW brain, your narrative is more important than what happens on the ground. Let me give you an example: over in Europe, when you guys read about hundreds of migrants in Cologne groping German women in a coordinated attack on New Year’s eve – all confirmed in police reports – your gut told you not to go there because it didn’t fit your egalitarian narrative with its imposed soft-spot for all things underprivileged; and also, most importantly, because you have to avoid anything that might make you look like a racist.  Rather a disfiguring disease than appear racist. The facts on the ground don’t matter. Listen, I don’t care what your narrative tells you, but no one fleeing a war ravaged country, as you say, is going to behave so god awful badly in their host country UNLESS, they are, well, scum. You see, we are not all interchangeable and we are not all equal.

Buffoonery, racism and xenophobia: Trompe’s policy-triptyque.

Trip-  what? You haven’t addressed the question. You’re a propagandist with a slippery Elizabethan tongue.

Ha! Says the king propagandist. No viler demagoguery hath soiled the American political stage as that which thou hast excreted from thy foul mouth the past six months.

Did I offend you? Not politically correct enough for you? Better get used to it Elizabeth, there's more of that coming