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Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 – thank yous

Life has a way of teaching lessons. It often does it in a long-drawn and convoluted way. It does not pinch your ear and drag you to a blackboard to instruct you. It might just make you stumble enough to look down at the shit you are standing in, and if that is not enough, set a pothole in your path to effect the same. But much time must pass before it draws a tripwire outright to ensure that you fall flat on your face.

Eventually though, it does. And when you fall like that, you know! It stinks and it sometimes requires much effort to get back up, but it is usually so obvious and well deserved that some part of you is grateful for the opportunity to bury your nose in the dirt and smell the error of your ways.

Man likes to be instructed even if the instruction is harsh. Of course, some never learn and prefer instead to burrow further into the ground, dig tunnels under other people’s feet and undermine their fellow Man. But most people get back up, wipe themselves clean and move forward.

Getting back up and moving forward is largely a personal effort and an execution of will, but if you are lucky there will be a few people around to give you a helping hand. They will not be great in number and they will not always be those you expected, but they will be there. They are the winds in your back. 

This post is dedicated to these people. Look for them and thank them.

2015 was a very good year. A year of discovery, travel, writing and above all, learning. Gratitude to the four winds in my back: 

M.R (the light bearer)

My family (the home) 

M.B.M (the heart)

Lui Labas (the spirit)