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Evil - for dummies

What you do is you start a bank, then by sleight of hand you convince everyone that while you only have 10 units of coin in your coffers y...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Evil - for dummies

What you do is you start a bank, then by sleight of hand you convince everyone that while you only have 10 units of coin in your coffers you can lend out 100 or even a 1000. It’s called fractional reserve banking. It’s legal. It means that you suddenly have 10-100x more money than you originally had. Then, once you have this funny money, lend it out but demand that it be repaid with real money, plus interest of course. You can do this at a small scale in your community, but once you get really good at it you can institute it a national level with a central bank. Most countries have a central bank that’s tied into the network of central banks; the few countries that weren’t tied in, like Yugoslavia and Libya, were – shall we say – chastised and brought into line. So once you have a central bank linked into the network you can cause all kinds of disruptions across the whole system – sorry, let me say that differently: WE can cause disruptions across the system, including in YOUR country.

However, sometimes monetary disruptions are not enough because people are smart and they start to circumvent the system with barter, alternative currencies and other fanciful ideas. Then you need to act physically through the other limb on this beast: politics. 

If you’re dealing with a dictatorship in a Middle Eastern or African country, a nice way to do it is to roll in this large horse called democracy. Fill it with a bunch of backward religionist crazies  –  actually, just fill it with any group that wants power, it really doesn't matter who they are fund and arm them, give them a lofty name and then send them out on the streets. At the same time, ensure that you have a hip-sounding slogan that the “empowered” youth can cling onto, and then bombard social media with it; anyone who’s anyone will want to be part of this great movement. So roll in the horse with the crazies, get the Starbuckers hip to the idea and then roll out the plan. It sounds a bit disorderly, but that's precisely what you want. Disorder. We have organizations in these countries that can stage-manage these things. They are called NGOs. A lot of hip people want to work for NGOs. I swear, we get thousands of applicants a week. There’s no lack of volunteers. They don’t cost much, they are mostly useful idiots that work for nothing and have no idea who and what they’re subverting. It works well.

Of course, if you actually want to move in physically you cannot do anything without international buy-in. We cannot deploy our arsenal without the fat slob on the couch and the social justice warrior on TV giving us a thumbs-up – it’s unbelievable but it is like that – so we must demonstrate to these clowns that action is necessary. This is where the media comes in. 

What you do is, during the media-fed frenzy, you throw in a few agent-provocateurs to throw rocks and Molotov cocktails. People get hurt and bingo, the local law enforcement gets heavy handed and we have it on video. Usually that is not enough, but you can always get one of the local opposition groups to commit a false flag; promise them power and they’ll do just about anything. They want “democracy” so badly they are willing to use deception and force  to install it. Don’t ask questions, it just works.

So now we have skirmishes and tension, and all eyes on country X. We want that. This is important. Keep fires blazing all the time. Never let people look inward. Always keep fires blazing somewhere. It’s very important because it keeps eyes off of us. Keep up the strategy of tension, but if you really want to bring a large body of people under control it is not enough to keep their minds occupied with tension, you need to enter them into the fray either voluntarily as a fait accompli. In non-Western countries, you can usually just buy a Security Council resolution and do as you please. But in Western countries you can’t do that. Large scale invasions wouldn’t stand these days. Outward aggression is still recognized as such. So you must be more subtle than that. Do not use outward aggression in your backyard. You must subdue the people differently. 

You do it like this: just get everybody to agree on certain principles, and make sure that disagreeing with these principles is at first frowned upon and eventually grounds for social exclusion and ostracism. You have to build that up by gradualism. It takes a generation or two. Make sure that a person’s standing in society becomes dependent on his endorsement of these principles. This is subtle and requires that the dissemination and upholding of these principles be institutionalized and their enforcement “policed” until people start to police themselves. You will not need a thug with a ski mask to do this; a little lady with a website will be quite enough to shame people. Once you have created this culture, be sure to expand it and to harmonize it as widely as possible. It will take some work and a lot of it will be performed in the media because you must erode long-standing traditions. Of course, you will have one thing in your favour: people die and traditions die with them. The generations that follow will not know, let alone embrace these traditions. They will be far more responsive to the passive-aggressive threats of the little old lady than to any real outward threat, because – as you will discover – the threat of ridicule is so overwhelmingly crippling to a Westerner that he would rather forsake reason than to bear even for an instant this unpleasantness. This is a weakness that you must prey on. Once you have instituted this, you will officially have yourself a politically correct society. It’s wonderful. It’s like a floppy rag-doll you can prick pins into at will. Also, it costs virtually nothing!

Meanwhile, back in the tension-zone, our people will be supporting opposition groups, possibly with weapons but not necessarily. It is actually best to let things happen “organically” e.g. to incite repressive elements in the country and get some footage of ensuing violence, especially on women and children. You must try to have all German housewives crying, desperate with historical guilt; let them beg their leaders to help X, Y and Z per the footage.

Footage is remarkably effective. We did it recently. Children die by the thousands daily – THOUSANDS and in the most horrendous conditions of slavery, famine and so on – but we put our money on this piece of footage – it wasn’t even footage, just a single photo of a Syrian boy who drowned trying to escape with his idiot-father from one of our tension-zones. We knew it might have traction because it had the right elements. Of course, we ordered all our captured-outlets like the BBC to flog this and, if possible, spruce it up with sound effects and the right voice-tonalities, but we had no idea it would spread so virulently. Sometimes we are amazed at the effectiveness even of our own tactics and how benighted and hypnotized is our target audience. Sidebar. The point being, you get some footage, disseminate it, you pull at heart strings, you demonize opposition based on the policed-principles (abovementioned), and once the fat-slob and the social justice warrior are on-board, you can do as you please. The fat slobs are the fatuous horde at the rear; while the SJWs are the shrill frontline of your “free” army of idiots. Simple media propaganda can override even the most well-reasoned argumentation.

As a general rule, do not concern yourself with logic. We are in an era of rhetoric. That is the only thing that matters. You will never once hear a statistic cited as a reason to act. But you will see an unverified piece of footage be used for that very purpose. Do not bother with logic. Logic is effete. It’s for academics. Just follow the rule: the greater the tension, the greater the thrust. Do not worry about intellectual footing and legitimacy. So if you want to overrun Europe with refugees you must create a huge amount of tension, not a logical argument. The tension is the fuel; it propels the agenda. If your agenda is to overthrow a government, you will need a vast force. If your agenda is mass-displacement of peoples, you will likewise need a vast compelling force. Simply put: TENSION=FUEL. But when you ignite that fuel, you better know what direction it’s pointing in; you better have a plan, otherwise it can blow up in your hands. We have had this happen to us, for instance, when we fucked with the Russians. People can be aimless – this we can deal with  but we cannot. We have to know what we want. In this case we are aiming for a broad-scale destabilization of Europe. It is not in our interest to have these large ethnically homogeneous nations in Europe. We cannot have that. It is not possible to control such units even with interlinked central banks. It is much easier to control countries that are struggling with constant and intense internal strife. Cohesion is not in our interest, at least not cohesion as defined by national self-determination.

Now, you may find this difficult to believe, but all of this can be done from a very high level with very little exposure. You will recall from history that some very important transformations were fomented as off the books black-operations. Remember, it is MUCH easier to create tension than it is to create harmony. Look at what happened in Paris.  A couple of months of planning, a few useful idiots and the entire city is locked down and the country is under martial law. I REPEAT: It is very easy to create tension. Very very easy and very, very cheap. Furthermore, tension you can do in the dark; harmony you must create in the light of day. So it is fortunate that we are not interested in the latter.

To get to practical matters, what will you need to create tension? Well, you will need many things, but you will need this first and foremost: MONEY. No one works for free, and even if they do, they still need to eat and, if they are armed, they need to be supplied and resupplied. There is no escaping it. There will always be a need for MONEY and there will ALWAYS be people who are willing to kill for it. Luckily we have money, since we can conjure it out of thin air and multiply it. 

If I were foolish enough to suggest to our enemies a means to root us out and lay bare our plot, I would tell them simply this: if you want to find out who we are then follow the age-old adage: Follow the money. And if in the process of your investigations you get lost and confused, then I would tell you to follow an even older adage: cui bono? – who benefits?

But would I be so stupid to cast pearls before swine?