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Saturday, May 2, 2015

gallant spirit II

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Gallant spirit. I have observed you navigate your biped figurine from afar and I cringe at your self-indulgence. You have thoroughly identified yourself with your figurine and have forsaken who you are. It is not the upkeep of your figurine I refer to – although there are other ways to achieve this than forever expanding and inflating your musculature  – nor your recurring self-congratulatory exposés on social-media channels; nor even the plethora of counterpart bipeds you have penetrated for purposes of self-gratification. All of these are the result of uninspected internal impulses, and I suppose one can be forgiven such as the blindness of youth. But gallant spirit, I must intervene when I witness you entertain, accept and perpetuate lies.

You may prop up your figurine with stimulants, distract its eye and titillate its senses; you may even do away with honor and respect –  that is your business – but when all of this is imposed upon others, directly or indirectly, through persuasion and inducement,  then you become a purveyor of lies.

Gallant spirit, when I left you many years ago I admonished you sternly on one point and one point only. You will recall, if your mind has not become entirely atrophied from the solar rays absorbed on Cretan beaches, Gin Tonics imbibed with “friends”, and the endless flicker of chats, tweets and, updates, you will perhaps recall that I admonished you as follows: never permit yourself to forget who you are.  Not only have you done that, but you are now inducing others to do the same.

Gallant spirit, you are gallant no more. You are a sirloin steak on legs; mobile-flesh, sun-bronzed and inflated. You are a seeker of sensations and a purveyor of the Great Lie. I wish you well twittering inanities; I wish you wisdom in the insidious palaver you have created around yourself. Lie until you become one with the soil beneath your feet, if such is your will,  but let it extend no further and to none other.