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Saturday, September 20, 2014


You only live once. People who say such thing often have lots of fun; they take photos of themselves on beaches, long drink in hand, encircled by friends. Such people have catalogs of photos on the worldwideweb documenting their funness. The degree of fun is measured by the number of thumbs-up assigned to such fun-photos by like-minded fun-lovers. The ultimate FUN has not yet been identified. The fun-Holy-Grail. The fun-Chalice. The fun at the core of the human spirit. It has yet to be identified, photographed and LIKED. You only live once, so you better start before it’s too
late. Be sure to keep a good record. When you are dead, it will be an important measure of your life’s value. Do no miss a toe-studded sunset in Tahiti; do not – for the love of God – miss your bucket-list parachute jump, your face contorted into grimaces of fun unachievable on land. Let this be your mission. Your Chalice. Your inner-spearhead. All the world is organized, and all infrastructure set-up for you to excel  in your quest. 4G electromagnetic networks are spread far and wide to keep your photographic record at the fingertips of fun-lovers worldwide. Enemies of your fun are kept at bay by armies convinced by elaborate subterfuge that without their presence in foreign lands it would be impossible for you to conduct your fun in peace. You are offered rationales for their activities that permit you to resume your fun-seeking without compunction. Drugs are “illegal” but widely available for your amusement. It is fun and important to have fun. The media has been carefully organized into a neat package of owners for your convenience.  This serves to centralize your experience and keep from your magnificent and important field of attention anything that might distract you from your mission. The stage is arranged for you.  All we ask is that you pursue funness in this one life you have, and not ask too many questions. If you think asking questions is fun, we will bring the right ones to your attention and you can LIKE them.