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Saturday, April 26, 2014

romance rudiments

Stars overhead, leaves rustling, candles, wine, all that shit that comes with romance. We had that. We had a blanket too and some food for the morning in case matters evolved and we didn’t make it home.

All of the above is not absolutely necessary for romance, but you definitely need bodies. You need two. Add more and there is no romance. You just need two bodies. In my case, hers was type female; mine was type male. The differences between these are not just physiological; there are emotional differences too, and not mere discrepancies, big hollering differences. But that’s another subject altogether, not à propos right this minute. You would do well, by the way, not to explore these differences in the middle of romance. In fact, generally speaking, try to keep your mouth shut. Words aren't a key ingredient. 

Now. Contrary to what you may believe, setting is not crucial. You can pick an outcrop overhanging a moonlit bay, or a picturesque little bridge in the south of France. Don’t waste your time. Under the right circumstances, the side of the road works too: your car breaks down, it’s a bit cold, you get close, you snuggle... you follow? You don’t need bays and picturesque bridges. Stick to the rudiments: some stars, some rustling leaves, maybe a candle. But strictly speaking, you just need two bodies. The rest is whatever exists between you. And that can be little or infinite.