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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


We are a pinpoint  in an expanse that is a hundred thousand light-years wide. It is only an expanse because it is studded with stars we can see, but beyond these stars there is so much more space it numbs the mind.

This year, as every year, we orbited one star. Just once.

What you have done (or not done) during this period probably means a lot to you. Perhaps you are pondering this right now. Perhaps you have done nothing else but ponder this for days. Perhaps you are saying to yourself that you should have done more, lived more, loved more, spoken your heart, reached out to her or to him, broken some habits and started new ones, and so on and so on. Or perhaps you are sitting back in the satisfaction of a job well done;  or you are a list-maker and you are not interested in looking back at all, only in itemizing what is yet to come.

Most likely, though, you are not perplexed at the fact that you are a four-limbed creature with limited electromagnetic perception, fully dependent on an organic pump circulating five or so liters of blood;  and you are not pounded with anxiety at the terrifying vastness of space.

You’re not. Because life is much more interesting than any of that.

Because your inner world is much more interesting than any of that. It is bigger than any terrifying vastness. No measure can circumscribe it. No one thought can encapsulate it. Your ideas can be boundless or they can fit on the head of a pin. Any limitation, any boundary is your own, placed there by your own hand, kept there by your own hand.

Just our luck then, for the hand that puts up walls can also remove them.  

I wish you all a year of greatness and wonder, where your inner world is lit up far and wide, and your outer world reflects it with all the light and beauty life has to offer.

Lui Labas