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Thursday, August 15, 2013

gallant spirit

gallant spirit I
gallant spirit II
gallant spirit III
gallant spirit IV

You are about to become a biped. For the first few years you will be swaddled and cuddled, and trundled around in a special cart by a larger biped. The whole thing will seem illusory, but soon the sounds you’ll have been hearing will start to register. And then everything will change.

No, these are not sounds you are hearing, these are thoughts you are receiving. How shall I say - you are receiving these as concepts, but this is not how they do it down there. These tricksters emit sounds, you understand, every sounds is like a symbol which designates something. It’s a complicated system and you will never really get used to it. Some words mean several things and you will have to always be aware of context. Bipeds are crazy about their “context”. There must be some logical progression in what you say, you cannot just jump from one thing to the next like you are doing now; don’t do that down there, you’ll be marginalized.

Also, if you navigate ten, twenty days on foot, depending on where you are, the sounds you emitted before your departure will be meaningless to the populations present. Do not then be tempted to communicate as we do here; no one does that there, except the rare few, but they are considered “illegitimate” bipeds and are generally studied as specimens or used as weapons.

Gallant spirit, venture forth, I will not stop you. I hope you like confined spaces, you will be in one for nearly three hundred days. Granted it will not be uncomfortable, a watery pod inside a grown counterpart biped, but you will be tumbled about and you will not know where you are. I understand you are looking for an adventure, but there are other adventures than navigating and maintaining a biped figurine for eighty odd years. There are beautiful places and beautiful bipeds, but there is plenty of sickness and violence down there too. Anyway, I think you’ve made up your mind. I wish you luck. Choose wisely. I cannot retrieve you once you have gone. You will suffer a kind of strange amnesia. I will not be able to reach you. You will experience me as thoughts of your own, and they will just confuse you, so I will keep quiet.

Beware of assholes, backbiters and the types we have around here too that suck the life energy out of you in broad daylight. The kind that stand around smiling like supernovas while they suck the lifeblood out your system. Such cocksuckers abound down there. Careful of such predators. They will be bipeds like you. It will not be written anywhere on their person. You will have to be alert.

At their current level of development you will have no meaningful intercourse with quadrupeds unless you venture into the wild. You can get one on a leash, but you will have to navigate it daily and pick up its excrements off the pavement. I trust you will not find this interesting. By the way, careful with your use of words (like I said) one word can have several meanings.

I am thankful that I am no longer among them, although I do miss it sometimes. I miss going out with my band of bipeds. Lifelong vagrants, and all of them unwitting telepaths. They would have hurled themselves into the deepest abyss to taste the unknown. They would have been marauders out here in space, but constrained as biped figurines they did what they could. I miss those nights roving the streets in search of “female” bipeds. You will experience that too. These are your counterparts, the female bipeds. They look similar but are functionally different and emotionally resonant to you. You will wish to penetrate these counterparts. They will capture you, little man, beware. They can be wonderful, but they can also create emotional bogs you can get stuck in. Beware your step. These counterparts are more dangerous than the hairiest quadruped in the wild. You can sink into an emotional bog and come out a wasted figurine, your mind washed out as if it sustained moderate but prolonged electrocution.

You are puzzled, and you want me to explain? “Fuck you”. You will be puzzled your whole life, so get you used it. You are startled by my harsh attitude? I’m just getting you ready, gallant spirit. “Fuck you” is a common term of aggression. I’m getting you ready for “down there”.

Now, you want an adventure, you will get one, but only if you make it an adventure. You can also get bogged in one of the many systems. There are plenty of systems that facilitate the upkeep of your figurine - food, shelter, that kind of crap. You will be involved in this, there is almost no way to escape it. These systems are devised “by the people”, “for the good of the people” . You will hear stuff like this. The people saying it will generally be servants from one of many central governing systems. The whole place is rigged up with symbols and intricate systems for the upkeep of your figurine and the preservation of the systems and the figurines managing them. Of course you can also sit in one of these systems and get comfortable. You can eat, sleep and watch screens that show figurines in various dramatic contexts. You can die an old man watching such screens. Of course, if you want to sit in a system you will have to “work” in such a system too; this means you will be inserted into one of the production cycles. Your prestige as a figurine will not be determined by your creativity or the radiance of your being, but by your standing in one of the production structures. The further you get from the actual production, the higher your standing. This is interesting. And you will receive rewards for this in the form of “money”, a fiat energy exchange unit. You know what that is, we’ve talked about this. This is a funny little scam. Do not get involved in it beyond superficial transactions, it will fuck you. Do not let it orient your decisions. In the extreme, when money and power start to mean the same thing, your figurine will become "important" and it will need to be protected by other figurines and it will be chauffeured around and it will be offered paid counterparts to penetrate at will. Don’t do it. It is an entirely unrewarding strategy and no kind of worthwhile adventure.

Of course - before I forget - the circle is not complete without offspring. You will produce offspring. What is offspring? Gallant spirit, I will explain. Offspring is a new figurine, emitted from a counterpart after she has been penetrated by you. You will see how that works. You don’t need to understand now. It will happen almost outside your volition - what I mean is, no one will need to explain it to you - you will understand.

Your “free will” will be the same as it is now, it’s just that you will experience it differently. You will experience it as a miniaturized and rather desperate and functional affair because you will be so engrossed with the upkeep of your figurine, or you will be bogged down in a system or an emotional resonance or a production cycle or some such thing. Your “ free will” will feel like a quaint little thing. But don’t be alarmed, the symbols will guide you.


Gallant spirit, I wish you a marvellous journey. I hope to see you eighty years from now. A final note of caution: many have become so engrossed in the “adventure” they have forgotten where they come from. Others have been thrown into a bog by a cocksucker and have become so entangled in their minds. Others have chosen a counterpart that lords it over them and they have become slaves, bogged in the emotional resonance. But there are other things too. Too many. Some just like eating, and all they think about is ingesting food: couscous, flapjacks, strawberry tarts. There are hundred of reasons to get bogged down. Take it as an adventure. Bogs are part of the adventure. Navigate your figurine. Resonate emotionally. Penetrate with caution. Dip into the production cycle. Partake of money. Enjoy friendships (that is my recommendation!). You may even taste of prestige, and enjoy the hallucinogen of power. But whatever you do, gallant spirit - and this is all I ask of you - never ever permit yourself to forget who you are.