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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

call it life

Call it a scab on God's knee; a fly in his oceanic soup. Call it a miracle. Call it peaceful fluttery things. Call it something polysyllabic, riddled with learnedness and complexity. Call it a bitch, bro. Call it wasted, on women, on drink, on forty years of drudgery. Or call it out for what it is, point fingers mutherfucker, get angry, call it shit and stomp the ground that sustained you through it. Or

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

welcome to the animal kingdom

Say you wake up  and look down the front of your body and see a pair of legs and your chest and the rim of your nose and a tuft of hair in front of your eyes; say this is the first time you've ever seen such a thing. Say you were familiar previously with panoramic vision and great altitude, and what you feel now is  unusual and clunky, especially the continuous rumination of this large organ inside your skull - the brain,  so called. The rolling of your eyes inside your sockets is unnerving;

Friday, January 4, 2013


Hide in the sand
At the bottom of the sea.
Mouth open wide
For falling debris.
Or rise fearsome
To the waterline;
A fin sloshing
In the sunshine.
Or take off wide
Into the open sky,
And flock with the millions
Or die. 

There is no freedom
Where there is need
Where there is loss.
Free is the dove
Amid the albatross.